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Chai Spiced Poached Pear Oatmeal

With all these apple and pumpkin recipes I feel like pears sometimes go a little under appreciated around this time of year. Poached pears are such an easy and delicious way to enjoy the fruit, and it will make your house smell AMAZING. Oatmeal is my go to breakfast as the days start getting colder, so I thought I’d combine these two cozy ingredients for the perfect start to a fall day.

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Most poached pear recipes use some sort of alcohol like red or white wine, but I felt kind of weird having that for breakfast. Instead I chose my favorite drink to have with breakfast (its not coffee, though that might be a good idea..), TEA!
Yep, these pears are poached in chai tea, a little vanilla extract and maple syrup for some sweetness. Not only is this a super easy way to make your pears taste amazing, the poaching liquid can be saved and used at any time to make this delicious chai spiced oatmeal.

• Ingredients •

3 Bosc pears, just ripe, not mushy
1/3 cup maple syrup
5 chai tea bags
2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

2 cups rolled oats
pinch of salt

Bring about 4 cups, or enough to just cover your pears, to a boil in a small saucepan. Meanwhile, peel the pears and slice off the bottoms so they stand upright in the pot. 

Once boiling, remove from heat and place tea bags in the pot, allowing to steep for 5-10 min. Remove the teabags, add in maple syrup and vanilla then bring back up to a boil before placing your pears in.
Cook for about 20 min or until you can easy stab one with a paring knife (it’s really fun)

These can be refrigerated overnight in the poaching liquid. When you’re ready for breakfast, bring 4 cups of poaching liquid back to a boil and add in oats and salt. Cook for 5 min covered on low heat. 

Divide the oatmeal among 3 bowls and place a halved pear on each. Serve with nut butter and lots of cinnamon!