Hello! I’m Elaine, I’m the food photographer, recipe developer and stylist behind Wandering Chickpea. You can usually find me in the kitchen making a mess or in my basement taking way too many pictures of the same dish. I love all things creative–drawing, painting, any type of art. I’m also passionate about taking care of my body and staying fit and healthy. I’m a runner, so I know the importance of fueling your body with real, whole foods. But I’m also a human that likes tasty food so I try to come up with creative recipes that are healthy, but also delicious!

I have a dairy, egg and nut allergy so the recipes you’ll find on my website are allergy friendly and mainly plant-based. Everyone is alway so surprised to find out that I love to cook. Because of my diet restrictions a lot of people assume that I just eat lettuce and plain chicken all day but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! I’ve never seen my allergies as a disadvantage, they actually come in handy when it comes to developing recipes because it forces me to think outside the box. I started Wandering Chickpea for anyone—with or without diet restrictions, who loves drooling over pictures of food on the internet and cooking delicious family-friendly meals.